I dance, therefore I am.


The real world champion of London

Dan ‘The King’ Armstrong, Ladies and Gentlemen..



a moment of silence for everyone who has to compete at worlds while on their period

A moment of silence for everyone who has had a period, is currently on their period, or will have a period. Period.

I’m gonna die.

(If any of you ever need a tampon or sth - especially all you girls in U19 and U20 competing on Sunday - feel free to ask me for one bc I’m probably gonna be carrying A FRICKIN MULTIPACK in my bag..)

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I'm going to Prague!!! 


to hear wolflioness talk about Cabin Pressure and Fortysomething (in a language I don’t know) and to finally see her in real life!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOO

I’ll be there from the 30th of June to the 4th of July and I’m counting on meeting jablllon, la-coraline

I’M GOING TOO!! asdfgfhjdfkg :D



You have all worked so hard and everyone will be rooting for you back at home!!! Enjoy it! Because at the end of the day you remember the experience not the result! If you dance your best, you will have already won :))

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3 injuries on one day, roll on Worlds. lol.


*follow back*


*follow back*

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Stretches that improve different aspects of your body.

I thought I’d be glad that the workshop is over. I’m not.
I already miss being yelled at by Lucia (aka my big sis / mentor / favourite demon) :/

[also, it’s like I’m having war flashbacks bc I have to edit the videos of the new steps..]

Off to the first class of our three day workshop.

Was nice knowing you, please get Mimi and me nice marble tombstones, lol

An Open Letter to Irish Dancers. 


The ability to dance is one of the greatest gifts you’ll ever know. Through your dancing, you learn discipline, grace, and how to healthily enjoy competition. But, you don’t know that right now. Right now, all you know is that you have shin splints and blisters, and you never get…